Amended Regional Flood Plan

In 2019, the Texas Legislature enacted Senate Bill 8 directing the creation of a State Flood Plan to be prepared by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). The State Flood Plan will be developed from 15 regional flood plans. As outlined in the Texas Water Code, the purpose of the regional and state flood plans is to: 1) provide for orderly preparation for and response to flood conditions to protect against the loss of life and property; 2) guide state and local flood control policy; and 3) contribute to water development, where possible. A draft Regional Flood Plan (RFP) for the Guadalupe Flood Planning Region (also designated as Region 11) was submitted to the TWDB on August 1, 2022. The draft Regional Flood Plan includes an assessment of current and future flood risk; flood mitigation and floodplain management goals; recommended flood management strategies and evaluations (i.e., studies) and recommended flood mitigation projects; administrative, regulatory, and legislative recommendations; and recommendations as to the role of the State of Texas in flood infrastructure finance. The Executive Summary and Draft Regional Flood Plan are available for viewing below. Following the required public comment period, the draft Regional Flood Plan will be revised as appropriate, and the final adopted plan will be submitted to the TWDB on or before January 10, 2023. The amended regional flood plan will be adopted and submitted to the TWDB on or before January 14, 2023.

Volume 1: 2023 Amended Regional Flood Plan

Volume 2: Appendices - Tables

Volume 3: Appendices - Lists & Documents

Volume 4: Appendices - Flood Mitigation Evaluations (FME), Flood Mitigation Strategies (FMS), Flood Mitigation Projects (FMP) One Pagers

Volume 5: Appendices - Maps

Volume 6: Appendices - Maps

Volume 7: Appendices - Maps

Volume 8: Appendices - Maps